Beyond computing, there are our values.


Participate in our social commitment

OSE Program

GDG strongly believes in the social responsibility of businesses, as well as their duty to support their community and participate in it's well-being.

In 2007, to mark its 10th anniversary, GDG established the OSE corporate program and decided to devote 10% of its operating profits in Social Works and Environment.

This investment has already materialized in several forms, with concrete actions and positive impacts on our community.

Under all circumstances, using its staff and its partners, within its community or in surrounding environment, GDG has always considered listening and respect as core values. The accession of our people to these values is also one of the main reasons for the success of our company.

"The sharing of an abundant harvest is necessary for the development of GDG’s management team", says Gaétan Duchesne, the business's president.

Golf Tournament

GDG’s annual golf tournament allows its employees and its partners to enjoy a pleasant day outdoors while raising money for various charities.

Lately, many organisations have benefited from the generosity of the participants. Organisations such as L’Arche de Jean-Vanier, Society of St-Vincent-de-Paul, Leucan, la Maison Dauphine, the ENT department of the Hospital l'Enfant-Jésus, the Gilles-Kègle Foundation, the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the international event Défi Sportif.


GDG is actively involved in sports by financially supporting various amateur athletes.

These athletes are encouraged for their positive attitude, their courage and determination, beyond the results they achieve and what they show to their sponsors.

GDG has supported the skier Gail Kelly of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team for many years. GDG has also associated itself with cross-country skier Alex Harvey and supported its efforts to participate in the 2010 Winter Olympics .

The company has also partnered with mountain biker Andréane Lanthier Nadeau in her ascent to the top of the cycling world. Different sport teams are also sponsored by GDG.

GDG was also a major partner in SPRINT Québec, the world championship of cross-country skiing presented in Quebec City in December 2012.

Culturally, GDG was the main sponsor of the first show of Canotgraphie, which took place on the St. Charles River, in Québec City, in August 2009..

To help young entrepreneurs, GDG has been involved as a major partner of Étincelles competition organized by the Economic Development Agency Pôle Québec Chaudière–Appalaches


GDG has always promoted with great conviction it's environmental values.

For several years now, on each time GDG held a corporate activity, it has taken the opportunity to raise awareness on major contemporary environmental challenges such as climate change, energy conservation, reusing and recycling. GDG also strives to implement environmentally friendly organizations in all of its events and encourages buying local products whenever possible. This philosophy is also applied in all its business processes.

Even before the government had committed to this path, GDG had innovated in 2005 by offering to reimburse a sum of $1,000 to each of our employees who bought a car with low fuel consumption operating with a hybrid engine. The company portrays the same example by using a hybrid car for business traveling.

GDG has also posed a concrete gesture by encouraging the Association of Sainte-Marguerite River(Sacré-Coeur, QC) in its fundraising efforts.

GDG firmly believes in the protection of parks and accountability of each individual or organization who work to counter the harmful effects of excessive consumption on our environment.

GDG Foundation

Created in 2009, the GDG Foundation's mission is to generate Generosity Dividends. Its goal is to generate funds for charities and to participate in environmental projects.

Here are the main projects supported by the GDG Foundation so far:

Mission Jardins Urbains (MJU) - a social and environmental program, jointly launched with the Fondation Québec Philanthrope, which aims to equip a charity organization each year with an urban garden specifically meeting their needs. Several organizations in the Quebec area could enjoy using MJU to create their own urban garden. You can surf this website to discover projects: ;

The rooftop garden of Lauberivière was launched in summer 2009 by the non-profit organization The Urbainculteurs. GDG has funded this organization and allowed it to work with 65 000$ over three years (2009-2011). The roof garden aims to provide fresh and varied vegetables to the users of Lauberivière and also provides an interesting possibility of reintegration;

Funded by the GDG Foundation, L’Homme de glace glace’’ is a short film on responsible consumption. It has been featured at film festivals in more than thirty countries;

Last but not least, Les Petits Explorateurs, conferences whose profits are donated to charities.

For more information:

Les Petits Explorateurs

In the fall of 2007, the Les Petits Explorateurs project conferences was launched, whose benefits are donated to charities.

The success of these events, animated by speakers who come to present a life experience or a passion, has already helped to pay tens of thousands of dollars to numerous charities chosen by the speakers. Since 2012, the organization even has a group in Montreal, allowing people from the region to participate in the project.

Les Petits Explorateurs are now sponsored by the GDG Foundation who seeks to ensure its development and promotion.

The schedule of the conferences is available at: