GDG in the community

At GDG, we strongly believe in corporate social responsibility. Businesses have a duty to support their communities and help keep them healthy.  Since 2007, GDG has been involved in social and environmental causes. Our commitment manifests itself in various ways, including concrete actions and community benefits.

GDG foundation

Founded in 2009, the GDG Foundation’s mission is Générer des Dividendes de Générosité (to Generate Generosity Dividends). Its main goals are to raise funds for charitable organizations and to participate in meaningful environmental projects.

GDG foundation projects and activities

Les Petits Explorateurs

Charity fundraisers where speakers share experiences from their travels, lives, and passions.

Bourse Gilles-Kègle

Annual award in recognition of an outstanding contribution by a young volunteer in the community.

Mission Jardins Urbains

Social and environmental program that provides a garden each year to a community organization.

Super Poussin

Series of entertaining children’s books that teach various social and environmental issues.

Coup de Balais

Financial aid enabling a municipality or organization remove garbage from a polluted area.

Other initiatives


GDG provides Lauberivière with technical IT support and co-funds le Réchaud de Lauberivière on an annual basis with the City of Québec, giving homeless people a place to warm up and grab a bite.

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Gaetan’s annual hiking fundraiser

Every year since 2011, our president has hiked across one of Quebec’s regions to raise funds for organizations and causes close to his heart. Gaetan doubles the total amount donated by others and gives it all to charity.

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GDG supports amateur athletes and the arts

GDG occasionally sponsors sports teams and athletes. GDG’s philosophy is to look beyond competitive performance and visibility to reward positive attitudes, perseverance, and determination.

GDG also supports local talent by hiring artists in a variety of disciplines for corporate events. The company has also provided financial support for a number of independent artistic projects.

GDG: An environmentally friendly company

GDG goes the extra mile to implement eco-friendly organizational processes for its events and buys local wherever possible.