Based in Quebec, GDG Informatique et Gestion provides a complete range of consulting services. Our people bring a wide range of skills and exceptionally high-quality service to meet our clients’ diverse needs both at home and abroad.

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Data warehouse


Project management

Quality assurance


Business consulting



Sectors and fields

  • Finance and insurance

  • Public sector

  • Health care

  • Industry

  • Manufacturing

  • Agri-food

Quality assurance center

The expert team at our quality assurance center is ready to meet all your QA needs, from quality assurance and testing to automated tests and management. Our specialists support you as you deploy projects, helping you succeed in reaching your goals. They can work on site or remotely from our location to fit your requirements.

Services are available on a per-service or package basis:

  • Best practices training on test automation and writing and running manual and automated tests

  • Coaching and support of development teams to improve initial product quality

  • Coordination of quality assurance teams

  • Test strategy and specifications development

  • Unit test coverage

  • Test case definition

  • API interface test automation (web services)

  • Fault management and monitoring

  • Test report writing

  • Functional file preparation advisory

  • System management

  • Manual and automated test tool management

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GDG provides remote development services from Quebec for all international clients. As specialists in enterprise networking, we have the resources and skills to deliver high-quality, high-precision service that meets our clients’ varied needs. We can deliver all-in-one projects or on-demand services using project-specific or short-term resources.

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Salon-de-Provence, France
Mobile : +33 6 6035 8219
Phone : +33 4 9053 3730

Client testimonials

I’d like to share my experiences with GDG Informatique et Gestion, a Quebec-based company I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  I tasked GDG with developing gateways and non-regression testing campaigns.  They really impressed me with their rigorous professionalism, their energy, their simple approach, and the way they listen. We’ve had a great working relationship with GDG despite the distance, and that’s without taking cost savings into account, because GDG developers cost us far less than French ones and rates compare favorably to countries considered part of the “offshore” market.

– Frédéric JUGE, Information Systems Department, AD Technos, Aix-en-Provence (September 2016)

GDG knows how to smoothly integrate with client projects while delivering the quality services and processes that big projects demand. GDG’s team and people-centered approach continue to appeal to me and justify my decision to work with them on each new project.

– Jean-Charles IZE, President of, Marseille (March 2019)

We have been working with GDG Informatique for more than 15 years. Over the years, what began as a simple business relationship has grown into a true partnership marked by genuine collaboration.

Lauberivière is a one-stop homeless shelter, so our IT development and support needs are unusual.  From the beginning, GDG artfully grasped our unique nature. Their responsiveness, support, and professionalism are impressive.

We hope our partnership with GDG continues for many years.

– Éric Boulay, Managing Director, Lauberivière (September 2020)